Camping is considered as one of the best ways to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Since National Parks are outdoors they are great places to camp in. Not every National Park in NSW allows camping. Check out the Guide to National Parks – you can get one free from any NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Office.

We really want everyone to have a great time in the parks as they represent some of the most spectacular areas of the State, so it is prudent for us to give you the low down on some do’s and don’ts of camping in a National Park. Now for the big one – wildlife.

Fortunately, in NSW Parks there are very few lions and tigers and bears, well except Koala and Drop bears, there is little in terms of human devouring top of the food chain predators. Whilst most Australian native animal critters are cute, cuddly and curious, many can cause you some discomfort if they bite you.

To avoid being bitten or eaten, make sure you wear long sleeve shirt and pants, a wide brim hat and soft enclosed shoes like sneakers are preferable, wear these with some thick socks and you’ll be sweet.

Don’t feed native wildlife. Wildlife don’t share the same diet as you and I, and whilst a tasty donut seems like a good idea to us, the ingredients can cause big health problems to the natives. Feeding animals can also result in overpopulation of a particular species over another.

And, avoid playing loud music, especially doof doof stuff. It is really annoying to most people and creates a great disturbance to the local wildlife. Most wildlife are nocturnal and use the sensory skills (that includes hearing) to distinguish danger and hunt for food.

Remember, respect the local environment and local wildlife and you will have a very enjoyable experience.


Source by Andrew Daff