Nepal generates plenty of opportunities from its tourism industry. According to the Embassy of Nepal, this sector is the biggest in the country, as well as the main source of foreign exchange and revenue. Every year, an estimated 800,000 international tourists travel to this South Asian gem to go on an exciting adventure over the Himalayas, visit Ilam’s tea gardens, or get a firsthand view of Lumbini. Some travelers even choose to trek the Manaslu Region.

Tilicho Pass trek

Close to 40,000 of these aforementioned tourist numbers are British citizens – so far the largest amongst all European nations. So if you’re from the United Kingdom and are planning to cover the 4,540 miles (7,306 kilometers) of air travel, know that the journey doesn’t begin once you’ve landed. In fact, your Asian expedition starts way before you board an airplane. With that, here are some travel tips for British tourists travelling to Nepal.

Travel Requirements

Aside from northeast neighbors in Finland and Sweden, UK nationals savour the perks of visa-free travelling to 173 countries; this is based on an article by news website, the Independent. But this provision doesn’t apply to you when flying to Nepal. You can simply submit a visa application at the Embassy of Nepal on 12A, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8, 4QU. In addition, for last minute requests, Nepalese visas are available at the Tribhuvan International Airport and some land borders around the country. Also, be sure to ask for a 30-day extension at the Nepalese Department of Immigration if you’re planning to stay for more than 60 days.

Airport Necessities

Finding ample parking spaces is one of the major concerns when driving to the airport. As a solution, some passengers ride the Tube or take an Uber. But if you prefer having the convenience of your car, it’s advisable to reserve an airport parking slot one or two weeks before your scheduled flight. By doing this, you can cut the total airport parking bill by up to 50%. When it comes to your luggage, you have to take into consideration the airline’s allowed dimensions. Parking4Less, a review aggregator in the UK, has an article that talks about the varying measurements and hidden costs of different commercial flights. In the blog post ‘Beware of the Cheap Flights Extra Cost,’ a budget airline company like easyJet has reduced its carry-on measurements by 37%.

These easy-to-follow tips can make your intercontinental trip more enjoyable and worthwhile. After accomplishing all of these, it’ll definitely feel like you’re one step closer to a country as beautiful as Nepal.