[ad_1] Not many trips end with the sense of having made a significant difference to real people in real need. But I’ve recently returned from such an experience in a remote community in Northern Peru. A friend introduced me to the tour, a part of a larger travel company’s offerings of sustainable eco-tourism, back in […]

[ad_1] There are many historical sites and places in the world that give us insight and evidence of the past civilizations. These sites help us learn about our ancestors, their living and culture. These sites can be called common or universal heritage of humankind and our World Heritage. World Heritage Sites: Any site, building, monument, […]

[ad_1] “Going Green” is one of the most talked about topics across the globe. With serious concerns over global warming, the world is slowly beginning to understand the value of nature conservation. Kenya has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. As a leader in natural conservation, Kenya offers visiting researchers, scientists and […]

[ad_1] The second decade of this century has borne witness to the birth of a new and directed form of Mexican travel; mezcal tourism. Spirits aficionados, entrepreneurs, photographers and documentary film makers, and students of the diversity of rich Mexican cultures, have been converging on primarily the southern state of Oaxaca. They come to buy, […]

[ad_1] Bird-watching – sustainable tourism in Scania Southern Sweden has seven major bird-watching sites out of which two are situated in Scania: Falsterbo and Kristianstad’s Vattenriket wetlands. Falsterbo is situated on a picturesque peninsula in the southwestern corner of Scania. This peninsula, a popular tourist resort and the last strip of land before crossing the […]

[ad_1] We all hear the term “global warming” all the time. During recent months I have started to read travel stories how the permanent ice cap of Mount Kilimanjaro is melting, how ski resorts in the Alps are going to be closing permanently due to lack of snow fall, how glaciers are melting in the […]

[ad_1] Tourists attractions in Australia are not only extremely hygienic but also are focused to show case the sustainable tourism model to entire world. Besides, Australian cities rank among the world's highest in terms of cultural offerings and quality of life. Travel in Australia to various Australia attractions is full of fun as the country […]

[ad_1] Take a second look at the Bolivian Amazon for pristine wildlife and some true community involvement. Where To Go? The Madidi National Park covers 1.8 million hectares and is one of the most intact ecosystems in South America. There is a huge diversity of flora and fauna here thanks to the range in habitat, […]

[ad_1] In recent new initiatives by the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI), holidaymakers can find the real Cyprus beyond the beaches and hotel complexes. This initiative has created six self-drive village routes accessible from the island’s main resorts, all of which allow visitors into rural areas. It is in these areas, with the help of […]