This morning I woke up to this amazing video sent to me by a friend. It reminded me of the countless trips I have taken in remote places around the world. While trekking in Nepal I heard women singing a powerful chanting song that filled up the whole side of a mountain. It was their practice to sing to the baby when a woman was about to give birth.

On the side streets of Kathmandu, Nepal I saw men, women, and children living out of tents made of sheets and plastic quietly posed on the side of the road. They were Tibetan refugees from China. With all taken away, country, possessions, family members there remained a quiet dignity that was rooted in Buddhist practice.

When I was in South Africa traveling along unpaved back roads in the heart of impoverished small villages, tiny little churches stood proud amongst the shacks. I was told the people took pride in their gatherings and singing to the Powers that be was food for the soul. This spiritual practice would lift depression and help them cope with anxiety and stress.

In India I sat on a hillside looking down on the River Ganges and watched a Hindu burial of a High Priest. The melody went on for hours floated through the air creating a warmth and beauty that touched my soul. This ritual reciting mantras was like a meditation in itself.

I am reminded of the power of practice for personal development, self improvement and spiritual awareness but more importantly while you and I sit in our homes in the western world we can reflect on millions of people around the globe in their own way believing in the POWER OF LOVE and calling in the Light of Peace and Oneness. Let’s join them in that belief and remain steady in our practice of meditation, self love and Spiritual awareness.


Source by Sirah Vettese