What is Responsible Tourism?

The “go green” movement has found its way into the tourism industry. Some companies are claiming to be eco-friendly and responsible tourism operators. However, it is not true. The tour companies that do not follow responsible tourism or eco-friendly tourism are solely stating these words to increase business. For more travelers are seeking responsible tours and eco-friendly operators. Visitors no longer wish to schedule tours that are not capable of executing environment and culturally respectful experiences. But how does one find a responsible tour operator? What is the distinction between a fake and a real eco-tourism conscience company? Sometimes it may be hard to discover the difference, but here is a guideline to help you find an effective responsible tour today.

What Defines a Responsible Tour Company?

A responsible tour company focuses on respecting the environment and the people of the land, while providing travelers with an unforgettable tour adventure. For instance, the tour may include travelers’ deeds that continue to protect the environment, respect local culture and preserve natural resources. Furthermore, the tour company will keep in mind the local industries and communities while attempting to create ways the area will benefit financially and socially from your visit. Therefore, it is not just a one-way experience. You are not the only person who gets something out of a responsible tour vacation, but rather the entire region benefits too. It is what distinguishes a responsible tour company from the rest.

How do You Identify the Fakes in the Crowd?

Tour companies pretending to be responsible are ones who do not respect the environment. These false businesses will spout off the right information in promotional and marketing material, but when you book travel the environment, locals and/or culture is lost. For example, if you call to book a tour, ask the company how many people will be accompanying your party on the trek. If the numerical answer is high, then the company could be a fake. A tour cannot keep the environment stable and well-maintained if too many people are involved. There is no way to enforce handling the environment and locals with care if an abundance of travelers are together. On the other hand, with less people in attendance, a person is able to correct any negative actions taken upon the land, society, and natural resources surrounding the area.

Avoid “Green Washing”

When fake tour businesses arise, they practice a commonly coined term in the industry known as, “green washing.” “Green washing” is when a company claims to offer eco-friendly vacation opportunities but manages to accomplish the complete opposite. “Green washing” tours destroy the environment and exhibit insensitive actions towards the local culture, religion and heritage. These companies purposely mislead vacationers due to the “go green” mass appeal. Avoid these destructive operations. Instead, choose a responsible tourism company displaying respect towards the culture, environmentally ethical choices, and handles the heritage of the people with care.

When choosing a responsible tourism company, you are embarking on an unforgettable, adventurous tour filled with enriching moments along the way.


Source by Tony Mandarich