“You can’t not do it; the worst thing is sit in there and regretting you’ve not done it.” This is one of the wisest words I have come across someone who has all the right to actually utter these words. Her name is Nikki Scott and it was an absolute pleasure to interview her and was able to know a lot about this very interesting lifestyle designer, her travel adventures and the backpacking magazine she founded to help other backpackers like her.

The way Nikki totally turned her life around and created the lifestyle design of her choice would inspire, beyond any doubt, those who have been speculating on how to change their way of living into something of their own design. It’s only natural to feel scared when you think about leaving the comforts of your home and venturing into places that’s completely different from what you are accustomed to. This is one of the reasons why people stop on their tracks and not pursue their dreams of travelling.

To start things off, Nikki gave me some details of her life after she graduated from university. She has been interested in the creativity of things in business so she got a job at an advertising agency in Manchester as an accounting executive. Right from the very first day, she was overcome by a high-pressured environment, big responsibilities and she had to work really long hours to get everything done. She stayed in that job for 2 years until that feeling of uneasiness of not being able to do the things that she really wanted just can’t be ignored anymore. She has always been a lover of the outdoors and travel so she decided to take a “gap year”, quit her job, sold her car and bought her round-the-world ticket.

This was Nikki’s first time to travel right across the continent on her own. The very first place she booked her flight to was in Kathmandu, Nepal. She chose this place since she was a trekker at heart and she always dreamed of going to the mountains in the Himalaya. But the moment she stepped out of the plane, she knew that she’d be getting a culture shock and she definitely did.

Everything around her was different but eventually she got the hang of it and made quite a lot of friends from her 2-week mountain trek into the Himalaya. After Nepal, she ventured on to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, met more friends and had the time of her life. Nikki met all sorts of backpackers like her from all over the world and ranging from their 20’s to their 70’s. This made her think about creating a magazine for backpackers. The magazine’s aim is to unite all travelers and help them figure out the best places for a backpacker to explore. Now Nikki is living her dream of being a backpacker while creating an income from doing what she loved.

Nikki Scott now lives in Ko Pha Ngan, a laid back island in the south of Thailand with lots of beautiful beaches and is living the lifestyle she wanted all her life. She never expected, despite her being an outdoor person that she would come to love Southeast Asia and decided to stay. If she hadn’t fought the fear of leaving all her home comforts behind and all the negative things being written of what could happen on some travel guidebooks, then she wouldn’t have tasted the sheer pleasure of what she has now.


Source by Robert Murgatroyd