[ad_1] This morning I woke up to this amazing video sent to me by a friend. It reminded me of the countless trips I have taken in remote places around the world. While trekking in Nepal I heard women singing a powerful chanting song that filled up the whole side of a mountain. It was […]

[ad_1] Trekking to Everest Base Camp is an essential part of the route for every Everest summit attempt. There are various Everest Base Camp treks and most begin with a flight into Lukla airport at a height of 2860 meters. Each of these trekking routes provides a picturesque and rewarding way to tackle the rise […]

[ad_1] Safari holidays aren’t just about Africa. All over the world there are opportunities for safari adventures and granted you can’t see the Big Five everywhere but you can witness tigers hiding among the trees, sloth bears relaxing in the jungle sun, colourful toucans flying over head and even a brown bear sloping off into […]

[ad_1] India, a colorful land of South-east Asia is an ultimate destination for vacation. It shares its border with some beautiful nations which are as colorful as India. Most of these neighboring countries cultural, political and economical scenario are similar to that India as in ancient time some of them are part of India. Here […]

[ad_1] Trekking in the Himalayas can be a great, even life-changing experience. Good planning of your trekking trip increases your chances of a successful trekking trip. Go through this little check list to make sure you remember some of the essentials in your planning. 1. Trekking alone or together with others As a general idea, […]

[ad_1] The fact that I’m going to Nepal on Monday already makes me itch and scratching doesn’t help. I almost forgot that great feeling because it is more than two years since my last backpacking trip to Peru & Bolivia. Me and my wife are true backpackers hence we only buy the flight tickets, Lonely […]

[ad_1] I have traveled along Nepal's "East-West" highway many times from its capital of Kathmandu to the popular lakeside town of Pokhara, but I am usually fortunate enough to sleep for most of the 5 hour journey – spectacular for the first few times, but redundant otherwise. The last time I came to Pokhara, I […]

[ad_1] Nepal "The Country Of Mount Everest", this should be enough to represent the country to anyone. Most of the travelers visit Nepal to see this highest monument in the earth. Some want to reach to its basecamp and see the nature's glory. Not only Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp the other best trekking […]

[ad_1] Nepali is a national language of Nepal. It is spoken by almost all of the Nepalese people. Nepali is a official language of Nepal. Let me start the introduction of Nepali language. I will be teaching the practical application of the language. When you meet someone Nepali in Nepal or anywhere in World you […]

[ad_1] Loosing your Destination to find your Path My entire life could be summed up with this phrase: “Oh My God! I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into!” This is pretty much the definition of an adventure. An adventure requires going beyond your limits and your known experience. I wanted to try something […]