[ad_1] Nepal’s Amazing Ecosystem nurtures some of the most unique and rare species of Nature. The Terai region of Nepal which is a warm sub-tropical belt of the country is home to species like Royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopard’s wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles, and many deer species to Plus it has about 250 […]

[ad_1] The Mount Everest Base Camp has beckoned thousands of adventure lovers and trekkers to unveil the mystery of the mighty Himalayan peaks. For years, people from all over the world have walked distant miles and followed their predecessors to get a glimpse of the panoramic view of these mystic mountain ranges and find out […]

[ad_1] There are 6 countries that are home to the Himalayan mountain range: Nepal, China / Tibet, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Myanmar. Without question or debate it is Nepal that stands out as the Himalayan Kingdom. Not only does it contain the highest number of peaks of any other country housing the Himalaya, it has […]

[ad_1] India is one of the prime destinations of the world. A holiday to India offers a plethora of adventure sports from trekking in the bone-cracking chilly white expanse of the Himalayas to river rafting in the gushing waters of Ganga and its tributaries. Thrilling wildlife safaris in the dense jungles to camel safaris in […]

[ad_1] The terms seem to be used interchangeably on many websites and travel books. It becomes even more confusing when some companies sell their boots as ‘trekking boots’ and then proceed to state that they can be used on long hikes. And when is a walk a trek and when is it a hike? It […]

[ad_1] Nepal has long been a favourite with tourists of all ages. The latest trend in travelling is responsible travelling. Where tourists engage in local volunteer work that benefits the local community at grassroot level. While volunteering in Nepal, it is always best to combine volunteering projects with fun filled activities that help break the […]

[ad_1] The Everest 3 Passes trek is the epitome of true trekking in Nepal. It's a long and arduous journey that combines some of the highest mountain passes in the world with the Everest Base Camp Trek, Gokyo Lakes Trek and two other treks in the lower Khumbu region. If you want to describe the […]

[ad_1] Nepal is known for trekking and expeditions in the Himalayan Mountains, including trips to Everest Base Camp. It is a great place for nature lovers who want to rough it and get away from the urban jungle. For those interested in seeing snow-capped mountains directly in front of their face, and stepping out of […]

[ad_1] Nepal is considered the captivated land of Buddha, incomparable mountain landscapes and ancient Hindu temples. The great civilization of Nepal dates back to thousand of years, even before the birth of Christ. Its culture bears impact of very many neighbor countries and native ethnicity over centuries. Here life, clothing and occupation of its populace […]

[ad_1] Mountain climbing is definitely fun, right? When you and your relatives and friends are looking for an outdoor adventure that can be attended and participated in by many, if not by everyone you are eyeing to be part of the team, you end up most of the time choosing mountain climbing. Well, we can […]