[ad_1] Mount Everest, or Sagar Matha, is a huge part of any Nepal holiday. It’s always on the horizon when you’re trekking in Nepal and may people visit Nepal purely to climb to Everest Base Camp. The frozen body of the British climber George Mallory was discovered near the summit of Mount Everest in 1999, […]

[ad_1] Most people associate Nepal with trekking, rafting and the likes, but for those relaxed travelers that don’t take a fancy to trudging through the mountains or getting their heart pounding in Nepal’s adventure sports, don’t forget there is also a tranquil side to this Himalayan paradise as well. Yoga, meditation, Buddhist tours, festival tours, […]

[ad_1] Are you ready for some high altitude adventure with in a soul-warming environment? Then pack your bags and experience some of the most majestic peaks, most exhilarating torrents and wonderful people Nepal has to offer. Here are some places you may want to visit when go. 1.) Katmandu Find your inner peace in the […]

[ad_1] Nepal is a beautiful country and a cheap place to visit. With so much on offer, from some of the worlds oldest temples, trekking in the Himalayas, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, cycling, or just lounging around lakes. Now is the best time to visit, before tourism takes over the country. Landlocked between Tibet, China […]

[ad_1] When people think about trekking they start thinking about far away lands. Trekking is one of the most popular activities of the adventure travel industry that is expanding all the time as the number of retired people with disposable income increases. More adventures are available now than ever before! The Everest Base Camp comes […]

[ad_1] Russian born, when I first came to Nepal, I wasn’t going to see the temples nor mountains that seem to capture the imagination of every traveler, and no, I wasn’t going for the food either. In fact, I was dragged here. You see, the first time Nepal caught me, was at the age of […]

[ad_1] Trekking With the stunning Himalayas covering 64% of the country there are some fantastic opportunities for trekking in Nepal. In fact it is arguably the best country in the world for treks and hikes. Temples, monasteries and lakes scattered around the mountain side no matter which trek you choose there will be some great […]

[ad_1] Wildly recognized as naturalist's paradise, Annapurna is a series of peaks in Nepal Himalayas. This mountain is situated in the east of great gorge cut through the Himalaya by the river Kali Gandaki. The beautiful mountain has vast snow capped glaciers on its western and northwestern slopes which drain into this gorge. The entire […]

[ad_1] The principal thing is trekking in Nepal is not your general trekking or occasion spot. Just the individuals who are not kidding to accomplish something might need to take up this trek. That is on the grounds that trekking in Nepal needs arranging and readiness. Be that as it may, those of you, hoping […]

[ad_1] TREKKING IN NEPAL Desire to be greeted with spectacular scenes is only natural, and one obvious choice to go to would be any place in the country of the Himalayas. One such country is Nepal, known as a traveler's (specially a trekkers') paradise, situated on the lap of the majestic Himalayas! There are several […]