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[ad_1] With its majestic Himalayan Mountains and fascinating local culture, Nepal is a favorite destination for adventurous travelers. Each year thousands embark upon the experience of a lifetime to spend days or weeks in the breathtakingly beautiful country of Nepal. Most adventure travelers in Nepal will be treated to magnificent views from high in the […]

[ad_1] Tourism industry is growing speedy in Nepal. It has been included in the top ten travel recommendation 2010 worldwide. Nepal, the land of mountains, is one of the most spectacular places on earth. It holds eight of fourteen highest mountain peaks of the world. Due to presence of mighty mountains in Nepal, it is […]

[ad_1] Trekking is one of the most preferred activities for the adventure enthusiasts. It gives great adventure and great pleasure. But the interest gets doubled when you learn that you can trek the youngest and highest mountain system of the world. It will be really a lifetime experience to trek the Great Himalaya. Himalaya is […]

[ad_1] The mere mention of the word, Mount Everest can bring halt to any conversation. For many years, the world's tallest mountain standing at 8,848 meters has been attracting people from world over. They like to take part in the Everest trek. So, why do you want to climb it? You could probably answer using […]

[ad_1] Nepal, the only Hindu country in the world exudes an old worldly charm to the travellers who come to visit this country all round the year. The vibrant capital city of Kathmandu, the picturesque natural landscapes and above everything the presence of the mighty Himalayan Range is what makes Nepal an inevitable tourist attraction […]

[ad_1] Trekking activities in Nepal provide adventure enthusiasts unique and delightful experience of lifetime. The beautiful country of Nepal has some of the best trekking and hiking trails in the world. Many people visit this country just to indulge in trekking activities and tourism industry of this country is well geared up to assist tourists […]

[ad_1] The Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is one of the most famous trekking journeys in the country. Nepal is famous as “the Land of the Himalayas” and albeit it’s relatively small size, the country has the encompassment of a wide range of diversities that pertain to geography, culture and wildlife. Among the ten […]