[ad_1] Chattisgarh, the land of waterfalls, forests and rich cultural heritage has lot of surprises in store for a traveler. Far away from the hustle and bustle which is the bane of the modern man's monotonous life style, it offers much more than the wildest expectations of an escapist. Chhattisgarh remains an enigma waiting to […]

[ad_1] Richard Voase provides an interesting collection of case studies regarding Western European tourism development. The case studies are well organized in three thematic areas based on political, economic and socio-cultural contexts. The collection of stories communicates changes in tourism development and practices and reflects how tourism development seeks for new ways of tourism thinking. […]

[ad_1] There are three sorts of people involved in building any better society: first, there are those ideas people who dream it up, then there are those daring pioneers who go there first and show others the way and finally there are those who come in and build, in a practical way, upon what the […]

[ad_1] Named the “World’s Greatest Treehouse” by the Travel Channel, these bamboo tree-houses (or “hooches”) stand among the beautiful rainforests of Rincon, Puerto Rico just miles from exotic beaches and are a perfect example of the booming eco-tourism trend. According to its website, the hooch is “an evolutionary, revolutionary building system that turns architectural conventions […]

[ad_1] It’s hard to imagine that we would knowingly destroy something so valuable; could it be that we are destroying them before we realize their worth? Before we truly understand their biodiversity? And even before we fully understand the life and the ecosystems they support? Massive deforestation brings with it many horrifying consequences – air […]

[ad_1] Visitors who travel to Ecuador have a number of amazing things to do. From outdoor activities, to staying in a luxury hotel, Ecuador travel means that visitors will never be bored while in the country. If you're considering booking a trip to this South American country, learn more about what you can expect when […]

[ad_1] What is eco-tourism? It is a type of tourism, generally to destinations that can be environmentally enhanced in ways that conserve water, promote recycling, etc. An eco-tourist is often a traveling individual with an interest in ecological and social awareness. However, an eco-tourist does not necessarily have to be an avid environmentalist. The dollars […]

[ad_1] For the last 50 years, travel into Cuba has been all but impossible for US citizens. Travel sanctions have been incredibly strict, and as a result, very few living Americans have had the opportunity to see the island firsthand. In 2009, however, President Barack Obama lightened sanctions for journalists, students, educators, and other professionals, […]

[ad_1] On a rocky peninsula near the northeastern tip of New Zealand's South Island is the rugged and eco-friendly community of Kaikoura. With its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and its reputation as a leader in sustainable development, it is no surprise that this beautiful seaside town is such a popular destination for eco travelers. Towards […]

[ad_1] Tourism is a booming industry. With many travellers flocking to different destinations around the globe, tourism is becoming one of the most viable business markets in the world. However, air travel, car travel and other aspects of tourism are adding to the planet’s pollution crisis and this is becoming a problem. Travel operators and […]