[ad_1] The New Forest is a great place to visit under any circumstances. These days things are even better as the popular tourist destination is looking for ways to decrease the impact of all of its many visitors. The advantages are clear. Cleaner air, sustainable resource use, and a healthier forest are only a few […]

[ad_1] In the year 2000 the United Nations embarked on an aggressive project to improve the living standards for humankind. This project, The United Nations Millenium Goals, were tasked with substantially reducing and sustainably improving the human condition in the following areas: Poverty Hunger Disease Illiteracy Environmental Degradation Discrimination Against Women At the Millenium Summit […]

[ad_1] Generally Kashmir is taken as an enchanting and captivating luxury tourist destination where one can enjoy a leisurely holiday in the most wonderful climate surrounded by some of the world's best scenery. Not many know that Kashmir is also probably the world's most challenging destination for what is known as the Adventure Tourism. One […]

[ad_1] Introduction To The Plant That Can Stop The Cutting Of Old Growth Forests Hibiscus cannabinus L., kenaf is a warm season annual closely related to cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) and okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.). Kenaf can be used as a domestic supply of cordage fiber in the manufacture of rope, twine, carpet backing and […]

[ad_1] There are a growing number of eco resorts popping up around the globe to cater for the many people who want to travel sustainably. It is easy to find resorts that carry the ‘eco’ label but harder to find one that truly embodies the environmental and cultural ideals of a true ecologically friendly resort. […]

[ad_1] Today’s generation of effervescent, young people is more open-minded, more informed, more adventurous and more mobile than ever before. Traveling as a part of education is a long, established fact and with that in the backdrop, youth travel has become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the global tourism sector. […]

[ad_1] Imagery of skulls, death, and spirits point to the same holidays, but these images do not conjure up the same feelings for these two very distinct looks at death. Although the two – Halloween and Day of the Dead – are observed during the same season, there are some key differences between the two: […]

[ad_1] A horseback safari in Africa probably sounds very appealing to the adventurous traveller who seeks the unexpected. But what exactly can you expect on a horseback safari? And what about the many concerns that people have, like safety and fitness levels? Here are some answers.   Many questions are often raised about the safety […]

[ad_1] So you’re super excited about your looming African adventure holiday but since an Africa safari is not something you do every day you wonder what the on earth should you pack! Here are 9 top to bottom essential tips on what you should pack for your Africa safari. Don’t forget your hat! Choose wisely […]

[ad_1] Kenya can be an expensive destination for travelers – a home stay is an inexpensive way to visit the Kenya – ideal for travelers with an aim of understanding the local community and the culture of the Africans well. It is also great for single visitors, providing a safe and friendly environment in which […]