Sikkim is the second smallest state of India. It is surrounded by Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Indian state of West Bengal. This land is situated in the Himalayan ranges; the terrain of the state is composed of only hills and greenery. The third highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchendzonga, is situated in this Indian state.

The earliest know inhabitants of Sikkim are Lepchas. It was later that Bhutias from Tibet and Nepalis came to Sikkim. Gangtok is the capital of the state, and also the most important city. This beautiful capital city lies on a ridge, and one can also enjoy the view of Kanchendzonga from there.

The state of Sikkim is known for its monasteries and hot water springs. The flora and fauna of the state is equally enticing. The flora and fauna in Sikkim can be categorized into another exciting India Tour Packages.

Sikkim has 600 species of birds. This means that out of 1200 species of birds found in India, half of them are found in Sikkim.

Yaks can also add excitement to your trek. Yak milk is quite famous in Sikkim. Moreover, Yak is considered to be the highest dwelling animal in the world.

To enhance the flora and fauna of the place, Sikkim is blessed with some 150 lakes, each ranging from 200 meters to almost 8000 meters.

If you are traveling to Sikkim, you can also arrange trekking India Tour Packages, through a renowned tour operator. The hilly terrain of Sikkim makes it the best place for trekking.

70 % of the Sikkim land is covered with forests. Therefore, everything is so magical about Sikkim. There are many high altitude lakes. Thus, culture and adventure travel side by side in Sikkim. But if you just want to focus on one thing, get your India Tour Packages for Sikkim customised.

The picturesque village of Yuksam in Sikkim is also a mind captivating place. Another aspect of Sikkim which attracts foreigners every year is the festivals- Phang Lhabso and Losoong. Phang Lhabso is celebrated to honor Mt. Kanchendzonga and the festival takes place around August/September. Losoong marks the end of the harvest season.

For, foreigners visiting Sikkim, it is compulsory to obtain Inner line permit. But once you enter this land, you will be left all captivated.

The Sikkim culture is mostly influenced by Tibetan culture, and the food served here is also quite similar to the Tibetan food.

There are many tour operators online, which can help you form proper Sikkim Tour Packages. Come to this land to get completely lost in its glory and rich culture. Everything is so unique and so fresh about this place.


Source by Jaas Smith