i. Swayambhu: Swayambhu is a pristine stupa depicting the holy Lord Buddha in his most chaste form. It is a site which will tug at your heart for its omnipresent serenity and knee-deep spirituality. It is unanimously considered as the best attraction offered by Kathmandu packages.

ii. Temple of Pashupatinath: Pashupatinath temple is another big draw and is the favorite throng of pilgrims and sages. 'Pashupatinath' literally translates to the 'lord of the animals'. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who sits pompously in his majestic avatar dominating over all other creatures. The temple premises also houses a number of monkeys who can be spotted jumping from one end to another. The premise also has a cremation site and you will also spot a beautiful religious cave.

iii. Durbar Square: One thing which can be said about Nepal tourism is that it offers visitors with a number of religious & heritage sites. Durbar Square is another enthralling corner where one bumps into a number of old architecture imbuing both spiritualism and a historical aroma. Home to myriad number of temples, this place has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Popular attractions include Ashok Binayak, Taleju Temple, Shiva-Parvati Temple, Kumari Palace and Narayan Temple.

iv. Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Nepal tourism from India fetches travelers of all sorts. While some look for religious sites, others are more fascinated by the culture & history of the country! One of the best places to unearth the undiscovered secrets of Nepal is the Narayanhiti Palace Museum. It used to serve as a palace for the King, but has recently been transformed into a museum and a tourist attraction. This is an old building and has some lingering quaintness wrapped within its walls.

v. Annapurna Circuit Trek: If you have had enough of temples & museums and your feet are itching for some adventure, then do check out the Annapurna Circuit Trek under your Kathmandu packages! It is a very panoramic trekking route which offers a number of outdoor activities including trekking, rock climbing and horse riding!

It can be stated about Nepal tourism that it will satisfy you with its diverse elements ranging from natural locales to manmade wonders! The locals too are genuinely friendly and the administration is good! .The city enjoys superb locales and a delightful heritage that coalesces beautifully with its rich cultural legacy.The capital city of Kathmandu is certainly the biggest draw garnering thousands of visitors every year.


Source by Manya Singh