Nepal has long been a favourite with tourists of all ages. The latest trend in travelling is responsible travelling. Where tourists engage in local volunteer work that benefits the local community at grassroot level. While volunteering in Nepal, it is always best to combine volunteering projects with fun filled activities that help break the monotony of work. After all, travelling to a foreign nation also means experiencing the local culture and a break from the life at home.

Climb Mt. Everest: Every year thousands descend in Nepal to conquer the highest peak in the world. Though most do not make it to the top choosing instead to return halfway, it is an exhilarating experience and must do on a Nepal volunteer trip. The best months to head there is between April and October, as the snow is less threatening and climb is easier. November to March the climb is closed even for the experienced mountaineers.

Discover Buddhism: Though Nepal has a dominating Hindu population, many citizens practice Buddhism here. The birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is full of Buddhist temples and monasteries. Even practicing Hindus revere Buddha highly. The entire length and breadth of Nepal is spattered with icons of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Take orphanage /school children for a day outing: A picnic with tiny tots can be a perfect way of getting to more about them. Excursions or field trips can be an interesting way of teaching the school children. Orphanage kids specially love picnics or outings as it is a special treat for them to have unbound fun. Volunteers also benefit from this as it proves to be a different kind of interaction with the kids and fellow caretakers/teachers.

Eco-tourism: A Himalayan nation, Nepal is replete with mountains, placid lakes, and inspiring temples. Volunteers do not need a luxury hotel to experience the great locales of Nepal. Pitch a tent and practice safe eco-friendly measures to not harm the nature around you. In Nepal, it is very important to maintain the delicate balance of environment which is constantly threatened.

Adventure sports: Nepal volunteering trip is packed with adventure activities. Volunteers enjoy all kinds of activities in Nepal. Trekking, rock climbing, rafting, are some of the popular choices among volunteers in Nepal. Volunteers use the weekend breaks in their volunteering programs to give a try to adventure activities. Nepal is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

So volunteer in Nepal and make most out of your volunteering trip. To know more about Nepal Volunteer opportunities, visit on Facebook pages.


Source by Vinodkumar Saini