Nepal is considered the captivated land of Buddha, incomparable mountain landscapes and ancient Hindu temples. The great civilization of Nepal dates back to thousand of years, even before the birth of Christ. Its culture bears impact of very many neighbor countries and native ethnicity over centuries. Here life, clothing and occupation of its populace are led by the norms of its culture. Almost 92 languages ​​are spoken here. Tourism is a major source of revenues in Nepal. Several trekkers and mountaineers visit this place every year. It's the capital city is the ideal place to glance Mount Everest. It is a perfect retrieve for those looking for peaceful and soul rendering vacation. Here is all you should know about this wonderful place, before visiting it.

Tourism in Nepal is an integral part of Nepal's economy. One of the most popular destinations is Sagarmatha national park, which draw tourists from every country. It is a place that offers immensely varied weather and topography, comprising of the highest mountain peaks in the world. If you are planning an adventurous trip, then don't forget to bring good walking boots, appropriate gear, waterproof jacket, sleeping bag, a hat and other such requisites, as per the weather.

Some of the well known temples of Nepal are situated in the Kathmandu Valley. These are Macchendra Nath Temple, Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka, Statue of King Pratap Malla, The National Museum, Boudhnath, ChanguNarayan, Buddhanilkantha, Dakshinkali, Kirtipur and many more. Special interests of this place are trekking, wildlife, river rafting, bicycle tours and so on. Tourism started in Nepal, after its people discovered that it is located around the tallest peak in the world. It grew the ambitions to ascend the great mountain and this way it become richer and developed than before.


Source by Julie Christie