Nepal, the only Hindu country in the world exudes an old worldly charm to the travellers who come to visit this country all round the year. The vibrant capital city of Kathmandu, the picturesque natural landscapes and above everything the presence of the mighty Himalayan Range is what makes Nepal an inevitable tourist attraction in the global map.

A trekking expedition is what an adventurist tourist undertakes when in Nepal. The tourists and travellers, who come here with the intention to trek, cannot go on their own without the help of the ever innocent ever smiling local Nepalese porters or trekking guides who are always present at the tourist’s service. Also, now there are several trekking agencies and various big and small concerns who pledge to make the trekking experience a memorable one for the trekking enthusiasts. Trekkers coming from over the world go for the four most looked for trekking expeditions here in Nepal. Those four principle places are Mt. Everest Base Camp, Everest Base Camp and Island Peak, Everest Circuit and Annapurna Mountain Range.

One such trekking agency in Nepal is Trek Climb Ski which is founded by Australian adventurist traveller Nick Farr in 1995. This agency renders professional help to the trekking enthusiasts who want to make their trekking experience any kind of hassle free, safeguarded and want to remember their adventurous journey all through their lives. Therefore trekking in Nepal becomes an adventure which the tourists love to indulge into more than once in their entire lifespan. Trekking in Nepal, particularly in the Everest mountain regions involves risks of different types.

The moderate to high altitude areas need proper acclimatisation. Keeping that in mind, the trekkers who choose this agency are provided with sufficient rest days to undertake more trekking expeditions into deep of the mountains. The trekkers are provided with the most advanced trekking amenities and instruments of highest standard. Nepal trekking tours are organized by the agency in particular times of the year, especially between June and October. They provide the trekkers ample opportunities of sightseeing and give them luxurious accommodation and choicest foods.

The evergreen Himalayan Mountain Range is the centre point of attraction for any Nepal Trekking tours. The lush green mountain valleys, the wide and powerful mountain rivers and rivulets containing crystal clear water and the picturesque landscape are there to make the Nepal Trekking Tours the most cherished memory of life.


Source by Mohd Sameer