The Okanagan region of British Columbia in Canada used to be a well kept secret, but now the word is definitely out – if you want the best standard of living possible, if you want to enjoy idyllic scenery and natural landscapes enhanced by superior yet sympathetic infrastructure, if you want employment options and a fantastic quality of life for you and your family then the Okanagan lifestyle is what you’ve been searching for.

Real estate prices in this part of British Columbia have suddenly started spiraling upwards, demand for property is heating up, tourism traffic is soaring, investment into the aforementioned superior infrastructure is continuing and employers are relocating creating vacancies for all those who dream of living and working in one of the most temperate and welcoming parts of Canada.

Those seeking a real estate investment opportunity will learn why the time is right for investment in the Okanagan in Canada by reading on…

The Okanagan Valley in Southern British Columbia has the best and most temperate climate in Canada. In the summer season the region is flooded with visitors who enjoy a whole host of outdoor activity from sailing and sunbathing around the lakes of the region to playing golf, horse riding, walking and water sports. In the winter months the temperature is far kinder and the snow fall far lighter than elsewhere across Canada making the Okanagan perfect for year round living and vacationing.

In addition to this the Okanagan Valley is a premier wine growing region famous for its fine wining and dining traditions. The standard of living is very high whilst the cost of living remains on a par with the rest of Canada. Substantial private and local government investment has been put into the creation of a big city community with a small town feel, and all of a sudden national business interest has peaked and there has been a strong and steady, sustainable inward flow of relocating and expanding company operations.

This has resulted in a real surge in the numbers of residents in the greater Okanagan Valley region which is continuing unabated. This serious demand for commercial and residential stock in addition to unprecedented levels of demand for seasonal vacation rental accommodation means that if you have not yet invested in real estate in Okanagan, the time is absolutely right for market entry with options available for the investor ranging from buying beach resort condominiums for rental in the summer season to buying off plan family homes at today’s prices for resale in 12 – 24 months time for capital appreciation.

Source by Rhiannon Williamson